Gibson County Courthouse, Trenton

The Gibson County Courthouse, built in 1901, is one of the state’s most distinctive. The creative use of multi-colored bricks mimics High Victorian style as does the short turrets and high cupola. The architect was W. Chamberlin of Knoxville.

By the turn of the century Jim Crow segregation ruled Tennessee’s public spaces as the theory (never a reality) of separate but equal gave inferior, secondary spaces to local African American citizens in the new building. A late 20th century remodeling obscures original interior designs and spaces but it also allowed the building to speak to and serve all residents. The historic building finally became a point of pride for all of the county’s residents.

2 thoughts on “Gibson County Courthouse, Trenton

  1. W.M. King

    I was born near Trenton, TN and grew up with the Gibson County Courthouse. It truly
    is one of the most beautiful courthouses I’ve seen anywhere.


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